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Today, we offer a wide selection of traditional and contemporary gas and wood ovens, wood and gas stoves and Infrared Heaters.

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Fiesta pizza oven will reach 430°C in 30 min, cooking a fresh pizza within one minute

Merhi Oven

Gas Chimney

Get long, overnight burns with our all new lineup of high efficiency wood stoves. Adding a Merhi Wood Stove to your home is an effective way to add unmatched heating capacity that can only be offered by a wood burning unit. Our wood burning stove lineup includes a variety of styles including traditional, contemporary, and modern.

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From its humble origins over 30 years ago in Aley Industrial City, Merhi Stoves has grown to become one of the Lebanese leading ovens and heaters manufacturers. Merhi Stoves offers a wide range of products, and introduce new innovations each year in terms of design and technology.
Merhi Oven

Haram in Living Room

  • Three sides heat radiating ceramic glass view
  • Heavy duty cast iron grid
  • High quality gaskets installed to ensures a tight door seal.
  • Front mounted air adjustment
  • High performance brick-lined firebox reflects heat
  • High resistant thermal coating
  • Huge steel oven 37*35 cm
  • Heats up to 120 m² open space
  • Two speed electric fan
  • Ash drawer for easy ash collecting
  • High performance brick-lined firebox

Merhi Oven

Jumbo Red Oven

THERMAL INSULATED DESIGN. The powder-coated stainless steel shell and ceramic fiber  thermal insulated lining, keep the oven warm without wasting plenty of fuel. Paring with attached door that seal the heat, you will get a fresh pizza.

EASY to USE and INSTALL, This pizza oven with its high quality wheels is easy to take apart for cleaning, storage and moving.

CUSTOMED HEAT RETENTION STONE. The secret of cooking an excellent pizza, with a crisp exterior and soft, chewy interior crust is the stone. such stone, provides rapid and even heating, while creating an even cooking surface.

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Our products are only available from experienced, independent retailers who will enable you to see a selection of models locally in their showrooms, often fully operational; discuss your individual requirements and ensure that you select the most appropriate product for your home.

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